Wednesday, February 2, 2011


I loved Incarceron and couldn't wait to get my hands on Sapphique. Finn's existence in a prison that he can't escape leaves him wanting answers. He can't remember how he got in Incarceron, but he knows that he will surely die in it. Incarceron has never had anyone escape it, although legends tell of one man named Sapphique who did. Finn finds hope when he finds that he can communicate with a girl named Claudia. Claudia doesn't live in Incarceron, she lives in a different world, a world he is determined to find. Young adults will enjoy this book, no doubt about it.

Please note: I used a portion of a Penguin Books book trailer. I looked under permissions and verified that it would be okay to use their video. It states, "Our video player features hundreds of videos that can be accessed this way. You can also share any of the videos with others on Facebook, Digg and Delicious or send an email."

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