Sunday, July 24, 2011

One Book For Trenton

Saturday, July 23, 2011

OneBook for Trenton

Stacy Sweigart, a girl I knew from high school, died tragically in a car accident last Tuesday night. Her husband, Jason, also died in the accident. Their six-year old son, Trenton, was with his grandparents when it happened.

In high school, Stacy and I rode the same bus. Over the years, I had lost touch with her, but we have many mutual friends. Now, as a friend, a parent, and a teacher and writer, I can't help but think about Stacy's and Jason's families and what they must be going through, especially little Trenton. When you imagine a six year-old boy trying to understand a situation like this, it makes your heart hurt even more.

But there is a way we can all help.

Books provide a peaceful place. They make kids smile and laugh. They take kids to imaginary worlds, where a jungle grows in a bedroom and a tree gives itself away in the name of love. Books can help heal the deepest wounds. Books can provide bright light in dark places.

I'm asking you (writers, readers, parents, teachers) to join the OneBook for Trenton cause. You can help by sending one of your favorite books directly to Trenton. Books should be new or gently-used and can range from your favorite picture book to your most beloved chapter book. This is also a chance for parents to get their kids or entire family involved. Feel free to write a note inside or just send the book to the address below:

OneBook for Trenton
4307 Judy Ave.
New Castle, IN 47362

This will only cost you postage, but helping to heal a kid's broken heart is priceless.

Tracy Edward Wymer -

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